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5A XL4015 DC-DC 4-38V to 1.25-36V 24V 12V 9V 5V Step Down Adjustable Power Supply Module LED Lithium Charger With Heat Sink

  1. Input voltage range:4~38VDC(Note:input voltage not exceeding 38V)
  2. Output voltage range:1.25-36VDC adjustable
  3. Output current: 0-5A, recommended for use in 4.5A.
  4. Output power: 75W
  5. Working temperature: -40~+85 degrees
  6. Operating frequency: 180KHz
  7. Efficiency:96%(max)
  8. Short circuit protection: yes(limit current 8A).
  9. Over temperature protection
  10. Input reverse polarity protection: None (if required, high current diode in series with the input).
  11. L x W x H = 54 * 23 * 18mm

LM2596s DC-DC step-down power supply module 3A adjustable step-down module LM2596 voltage regulator 24V 12V 5V 3V

Input voltage:3-40V
Output voltage:1.5-35V(Adjustable)
Output current:Rated current is 2A,maximum 3A(Additional heatsink is required)